Invest in Peace. Give Peace Bonds(®).

Peace Bonds can be ordered by:

What are Peace Bonds? Peace Bonds illustrate the work of our unarmed civilian protection staff around the world. This year, we have collected new stories and images to share the impact of NP's work. Each Peace Bond tells the story of one of Nonviolent Peaceforce’s greatest accomplishments in the field and is an investment in further projects of that kind.

A Peace Bond is an investment in peace. For as little as $10 you can equip our unarmed civilian peacekeepers to go into conflict zones and:

 Rebuild community by strenghtening relationships with partner

organizations to prevent and manage conflicts. ($10)


Reunite families torn apart by conflict. ($25)



Provide invaluable protection to vulnerable civilians ($50)



Peace Bonds(®) are a registered Trademark.