Women's Day 2015

 Thank a Women's Peacekeeping Team: International Women's Day 2015




Dear Women's Peacekeeping Team,

Thank you so much for the incredible work you do. You are truly an inspiration to people around the world. You are amazing role models. You demonstrate that women are strong and can make peace happen.

Thank you for being true leaders and making progress towards peace. Every day the work you are doing changes the world.


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1) Hie Ladies, Thank you so much for being there, for the vulnerable people of South Sudan especialy the children, the good work you have done for them.

I am sending you all a big hug and lots of kisses from the Paradise of Africa : ZIMBABWE.

May the good Lord continue to guide and protect you all the days of your life.



2) Thanks for the amazing work you're doing!

-Kimberly Sanberg

3) Thank you for the work you are doing. You are an inspiration to women and men around the world.

-Amy Hansen

4) Great job!

-Emanuele Cozzi

5)Thank you for your work


6) This is the only way we can get the peace we want; we need to make it happen.

-Luis Lozano

7) God Bless you and keep you!

-The Rev. Kara Wagner Sherer

8) -Susan Kulis

9) Keep it up! You're setting an example for everyone in the world, and believe me, they ARE watching!

-Dawn M. Albanese

10) As the Vietnamese Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh says, "peace is every step." Your work is essential for creating a better world for all to live in. Thank you.

-Kelly Rae Kraemer

11) Keep up the good word. You are Herod

-Barbara Asead

12)Thank you for taking leadership to bring about peace through nonviolent efforts.You are an inspiration.

-Sister Donna Butler, SP


13) Hello my dear peacekeepers,since the beginning of NP I feel to be a part of it and in Germany I do presentations to tell (not only) Germans what peacekeepers like you are doing.Last year I did one of these presentations with Anne who was peacekeeper until last year and I really received some very deep impression of what you and all the others are doing to protect people and foster peace.In order to spread the word we have begun a campaign on the idea of civilian peacekeeping so that people but also politicians are informed about the wisdom to have a peace logic instead of a one-sided security logic that those that foster violence typically follow.Tlherefore I thank you so much of what you are doing. \nAnd keep me informed so that I can inform others! Stephan Brües-co-chair of Federation for Social Defense, one of the founding organisations of NP and now member of NP Alliance


-Stephan Brües

14)-Patricia & Peter Ladley

15)-Jean Barker


16) I have a great respect for the work you do in such a risky situation - it so important !!!!


-Michael Bockhorni


17) Thank you for working for peace. It isn't easy.


-Judi Poulson


18) Many of us are out here noticing what you do. Stay strong and keep going. ET


-E. J. Tivona


19) Thank you. I honor your courage, the sacrifices you make, the risks you take, and the love and vision that guide you.


-Jorge Arauz


20) Women have been underappreciated in American society for too many years. Their contributions have been monumental. I have stood shoulder to shoulder with women supporting their Unions strikes, for peace and for justice. My father who passed away 4 years ago always talked about how unfair lending institutions and even his job with the UAW at a GM Plant was to women. My mother who was working at the time was not allowed to use her income when my dad financed the house they shared for over 50 years and she still lives in today. Women give life and appreciate the life's of others more than men. I sincerely believe when a woman is elected President they will be much more reserved in deciding to send our children off to die and kill in wars. From Eleanor Roosevelt to progressive women Senators today breaking that glass ceiling is an absolute priority.


-Steven D Addison


21) -Barbara Keyt


22)-Pete Klosterman


23) Dear Sisters, Your courage and vision inspire women of the whole World!!! May you feel the support and admiration that we all feel, even so distant. And may that energy of common desire for a peaceful world for our children and grandchildren inspire and support your every step! AHEAD!


-Simonetta Costanzo Pittaluga


24) Thank you for your leadership and for being protectors of peace. May God bless you and protect you, to further your good work!




25) Thank you for keeping peace in your hearts and using the strengths of peaceful action in your communities. You are in my prayers daily.


-Debby Reisinger


26) -Mary Brandl


27) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for all you do. You are making a positive impact on the world.


-Dorothy Lynn Brooks


28) Thank you for your courage and dedication to helping restore peace in your hmeland despite your suffering and challenges. I send you prayers for your success and happiness.


-Christi Love


29) Bless you for all you continue to do each day.


-jean victor mansour

30) Without women, peace will not happen. Thank you for your courage and all that you are doing in working with the Women's Peacekeeping Team.


31) Thank you for your courageous and amazing efforts! You are appreciated!!


-Denice Peltier


32) Thank you for your work. It sends a message of hope around the world.

-Oliver Ryder


33) There is nothing like peace from a lady or mother. Nothing. Thanks.

-Matt Woolery


34)-Marjorie Young


35) -Francine Ungaro


36) You are truly an inspiration to all of us.

-Jerome Chroman


37) You all are doing a most important work in our world. What a good example of doing something positive with your lives to change the suffering that violence brings. Keep up the good work. I thank God for you. Retired School Teacher


-Carolyn McDonnell


38) -bert greenberg


40) Blessings to you as you continue this important work. Thank you for all that you do. And know that you are not alone as you stand to build peace one person at a time.



41) I am praying for you and thinking of you. I'd like to help you build peace in your area. Maybe you know of One Billion Marching and V-Day online, a global movement to end violence against women. You can see videos of women, children and even men dancing and being act I've for our cause. I support you.




42) -Elizabeth Watts


43) -Sara Miller


44) -Penny Cragun


45) My heart felt thanks for your courage and steadfastness in working for peace in a violent situation. May God bless you and your actions for the benefit of people everywhere.

-Caroline Lane


46) Your work is important for the world. Thank you for all that you are doing. Your strength is an example to us all.


-Rita Archibald


47) Peace and love is what it is all about....forgiveness is part of that! Thanks for all you do and please, keep up the good work! Blessings, Maria



48) May God bless you all and your work for social justice.


–Kelly Epstein


49) - arnie roman



It takes courage, conviction and perseverance to bring change for the better. It is women like you who make a difference in a country that is overwhelmed by prejudice, poverty, violence and despair...you are all truly amazing!


- Corinne Van Houten


51) Words cannot express how much I value the peacemaking work that you do with such courage and determination. You are the hope of your families, neighbors and country. God bless you. He is with you always.


-Carol Rodgers


52) -Twyla Meyer


53) We all admire your perseverance in trying to make the world a better place. May you continue in good health and with great results. Peace and joy,

-Mary Fineran

54) - Arlene

55) Thank you for your efforts to bring Peace to your country, you are the promise of your country. We all remember you in our prayers. Peace.

-Jerry Hicks

56) Thank you so much for all you're doing!

-Jason Canfield

57) Thank you for helping the world!"

- Fran Forte

58) We are proud of your efforts to help bring a measure of peace to your troubled people. Wishing you success in your struggle.

-Steve Fabick, Michigan, USA

59) Dear friends in Women's Peacekeeping Team: You are our inspiration! Thinking of you every day!

-Ann Frisch

60) Your courage and dedication is an inspiration to women around the world. Thank you for your strength.

-Barbara Leighton

61) Your courage and commitment to keeping women safe is awesome! Blessings to each of you.

-Rhoda Walter

62) Your courage and devotion to this cause inspire and humble me. Thank you for all you do to make peace happen. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

-Tara West

63) Stay strong!

- Sherry Blackshear

64) Thank God for your work. This is the only good piece of news I have had all week.

- Jillian Mulvihill

65) I want to tell you all how brave and encouraging you are! you are making it happen on your own and making it happen. Things get dome when women take over, andhere is proof in the doing and suceeding. keep up the fablious work ladies!!

- lea mac leod

66) - Jennifer Anderson

67) Thank you for being the stars that shine for peace in South Sudan. May the men who make war follow your lead and make peace so that the people of South Sudan can break the cycle of war and violence.

- Rob Haarsager

68) Thank you for all you do.


69) Thank you for your efforts for peace. May God richly bless you in every way and keep you safe.

-Walter Reece

70) Thank you !!

-jenny rider

71) -Julie Skelton

72) Thank you for your strength and courage. Every blessing on all of you.

73) Thank you.

-John Steponaitis

74) -kathi

75) -David John Ulibarri

76) Thank you for all that you give & accomplish. Please keep it up!


- Ellen Segal

77) Thank you for all you do and may the Higher Power also take great care of you.

Mary H. North

78) -Birgit

79) I have had the pleasure of knowing Mel Duncan for many years. Out of his visionary mind these Peacekeeping Teams were created. As a person who believes in a God of love for all (our church does much interfaith work) I thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing! I will continue to pray for you as you go about this important non-violent work, sacrificing so much for the good of all. I am now 77 years old, and to me you keep hope alive by helping to create a more peaceful world. Thank you!

-Eunice Eckerly, Trinity Lutheran Congregation

80) Women are natural ""peace keepers,"" and I wish you every success in your commitment in South Sudan. I and so many other support you and your efforts. May God's blessings be with you.

- Lynne AD

81) Thank you for all you do and for being so brave!"

- Blaine Blackthorne

82) For your courage and strength, I thank you. You are the change for peace we all wish for and try for in our own ways."

-Annie A

83) Thank you for your efforts for peace. May God richly bless you in every way and keep you safe.

-Barbara Zaha

84) This is how it happens - how we build the world we want. Courageous women like yourselves take the lead, provide inspiration, set an example, and teach us all how to make change one person, one family, and one community at a time. We are all part of the human family, and we can learn to treat each other with respect and compassion. Thank you for embodying that.

-Brie Gyncild

85) -Michele Temple

86) Thank you for acting with courage and integrity. People everywhere are standing with you and praying for you.

-Laurel Green


88)-Aaron M. Ucko

89) I admire your strength and perseverance in your ongoing struggle to bring peace to your people. May God continue to bless and protect you in your endeavors.

- Esther Huston

89)- Mark W. Mehl

90) Your actions are inspiring

-Katharine Tussing

91) It's hard for me to imagine the conditions you work under. Thank you as a mother, sister, daughter, and member of the human family for what you are doing for us all.


92) - Monica Raymond

93) Dear Women, You are doing vital, courageous work. Bless you for setting such an example for all of us to follow.


94) -mary tulloch

95) Women, so close to the home, make excellent peacekeepers because conflict threatens people where they live. Thank you for going another step, protecting in peace men/women/children in their homes, as well as yours.

-Helen Hays

96) Thank you for the challenging work you are doing to create peace. I honor your commitment and courage. You inspire me and you give me hope for a better, safer future. May what you do create ripples - nay, a tsunami! - of understanding, love, and peace throughout our troubled world.

- Maylin

97) Thank you beautiful women for our future.

- Bonnie Pannell

98) You are very brave and very important to our world. Keep doing what you do.

We appreciate it.

- Marie Garescher

99) -Nancy Balassi

100) Thank you for taking the risk to demonstrate that peace works. Your courageous and disciplined stand, as well as your moral example, are truly what the world needs now.

- Peter Bergel

101) Thank you to all you women who sacrifice every day to bring peace to this world. I am praying for you all!

-Mary, Minnesota, USA

102) -Cherie Connick

103) -Robert L Blau

104) We have a world full of war and poverty. What a joy to hear of your work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

-Lynn Shoemaker

105) Thank you brave and lovely ladies. We need women like you all over the world."

-Rose Lord

106) Dear Ladies, women of South Sudan what an encouraging example - I deeply honour all your actions for peace, your courage and your love. Thank you so much. Your a beacon in a troubled wolrld. God bless you and your work.


Annette Seifert

107) Women are the key to saving the world. Thank you for what you're doing.

- Laurel Whitney

108) Women are the ones who will bring the peace to this world!

- Laura Staples

109) Thank you for the work you are doing.

-Phyllis Skinner

110) Thank you for your courage. And for your care of each other as well. Even when you feel despair, know that what you are working for is GOOD, and much good is going on unseen, including the gentle things you do. And know that peace WILL come to your people in God's time."

- Helen Bayes

111) -Patricia A. Keefe

112) Thank you for your great courage!!!

- Bo Svensson

113) Thank you for all the wonderful work you're doing! --You are all inspirational! Wishing you all the best from New York City, peace, light, strength, success, blessings and joy, Jillie

- Jillie Simon

114) I support your work for peace, and I appreciate your commitment.

- Bill Glassmire

115) Thank you for being a peaceful presence and for all you do!

-Elizabeth Enright

116) Thank you for your commitment and action for peace. You are in my prayers.

-Sister Kay McMullen, SNDdeN

117) -karen stickney

118) you are awesom

Keep up the good work



119) -Millie Lewis

120) -Elizabeth Nelson

121) You honor and inspire us all!

- donna luckey

122) Thank you so much for your commitment and the risks you take personally to pursue peace. We all benefit and we honor you.

- Kim Weichel

123) -Kathleen Remund

124) -Priscilla Liebowitz

125) You are my heroines! Thank you for proving that peace is possible.

- Bridget Moix

126) Your courage and tenacity is truly inspiring Thank for being a model for us all.

- Margaret Bearlin

127) Your work helps peace to prevail. Many, many thanks to you.

- Shelley Anderson

128) Your courage gives me hope for the future. You can inspire people around the world with your willingness to act for peace in the most difficult of circumstances. Happy International womens day!!

- Lyn Adamson

129) I hereby express my deepest gratitude for the incalculably important work you are doing.

- Ronald Maxson

130) Thank you for the gifts you bring to this effort, for your courage and steadfastness in peacemaking.

-Marcia Anderson

131) Hooray for you!

Keep up the amazing work!!

- Jan Passion

132) You are strong, you make us strong.


133) I hope the spirit of peace rests with you constantly guiding you in reconciliation and any action you need to keep peace.

- Isabel Miller

134) I honor you for your work to bring peace to your region.

-Linda Ellsworth

135) -Clare Ronzani

136) Stay safe and Peace!!

- kathryn McKenzie

137) -Linda Sartor

138) I am so proud of you and what you are doing to bring peace.

-Marilyn Slater

139) You are brave and selfless beyond my wildest dreams.

- elyette weinstein

140) Thank you for all you do!

- Kimberly Wiley

141) Thank you for your courage and your love in action.

- Carol Bosworth

142) I appreciate all of your hard work. I admire your perseverance. I wish you a successful future.

- Jennifer Newsom

143) -Henriette Groot

144) -C. Arveson

145) And keep Aristophanes Lysistrata in mind . . .

-Larry Boatman

146) -Richard Booth

147) -Nicholas Lenchner

148) -Connie Hupperts

149) -Jim Gartner

150) Blessed are you peacemakers. Thank you so much.

- Ben Goggins

151) We need more of you. Thank you for not letting all the contrary forces. discourage you.

- Bruce and Ruth Hawkins

152) You are beautiful! Thank you for standing in the LIGHT and defeating the encroaching darkness. YOUR GLOW IS SPREADING."

- Yvette

153) Thank you for making peace happen!

- Kathleen Keske

156) -Edith Martin

157) Thanks for all you do in working to bring peace to areas of the world which desperately need it...keep up the good work, and God bless all of you!

- Chuck Donegan

158) Thank you for your hard work and dedication. You are strong women.
- Harriet McCleary

-Mary Jo Luu

159) I greatly admire your courage and steadfastness in working together for peace in South Sudan. Stay strong and united in very difficult, dangerous circumstances.

- karen Stoddard

160) Thank you for your work for peace in South Sudan! The world needs you!

- Jean Barker

161) David Yanosik

162) Thank you for your amazing courage in the service of peace.

- Yehudit Lieberman

163) May your strength and courage bring you to happiness.


164) Blessings to you for your courage and conviction.

- Sandy Irving

165) Hang in there, Ladies! We truly appreciate your courage and hard work

-Shannon Caruso

166) For being waaaaay braver than me!

-Joann Koch

167) Pauline Erera

168) thank you for all you do

- carolyn massey

169) Thank you for promoting peace. It is especially difficult in a war-torn area, and you are inspirational.

- Ann Rennacker

170) I served with Christian Peacemaker Teams in Palestine. Most of my teammates were women. I know how capable you are.

Peace and blessing


171) You have my admiration and respect. The work you do is priceless and more valuable than any war!

- Elaine McAuliffe

172) Thank you for making a difference for women.

- Margaret Spallone

173) Keep up this great work!

- Lucille Gervase

174) We greatly appreciate all you are doing.

- Michael and Melissa Goldberg

175) Thank you for your courage and conviction to make a positive change in this world. May you all keep safe and prosper.

- Sherrie Rozniecki

176) Thank you for the wonderful and brave work that you are doing!

- Glenys Davies

177) Brave, good work, thank you.

- Ann Warner

178) Dear Strong and Courageous Women:

-Ann LeMay

179) We thank you for your courage and efforts and hope for your success. The world is a better place because of your efforts!

-James Mentele

180) Blessings on your dedication to peace and justice.

-Betsy Crofts

181) Thank you for all that you do!

Mikki Chalker

182) Thank you for your example. You rekindle hope for peace in the world.

-Lois McAfee

183) Peace will be the foundation of your new country.

-Dr Kathleen List

184) -Sarah Salter

185) blessings on your work and blessings on your families and blessings on each of you.

-margaret m. darger

186) Thanks for your efforts.

-Richard Skochdopole

187) Thank You so very much for putting your lives on the line!!!!!

Isa 3:10-11 [NIV] Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds. Woe to the wicked! Disaster is upon them! They will be paid back for what their hands have done.
Isa 3:14-15 [LB] First to feel his wrath will be the elders and the princes, for they have defrauded the poor. They have filled their barns with grain extorted from the helpless peasants. How dare U grind my people in the dust like that! the Lord of Hosts will demand of them.
Isa 5:7 [NIV] .... And he looked for justice, but saw bloodshed; for righteousness, but heard cries of distress.

-david porter

188) I was a member of NP's first unarmed civilian peacekeeping team for more than 5 years in Sri Lanka. While we didn't create national peace teams at that time in NP, we did very quickly learn the importance and value of partnering with local women wherever possible in all of our peacekeeping efforts. It has been gratifying and inspiring to see how those efforts have evolved in South Sudan. You are making history!! It makes me proud to know that you are there and engaged in building a better, more peaceful society for you and your children and grandchildren. Best Wishes for continued--and permanent--success!

-Rita Webb

189) You are in my thoughts and prayers.


190) We are with you in our thoughts and prayers

-Rose Marie McQuaid

191) Courage is lonely business. God bless you for having so much of it.

-Charles Barber

192) You are doing the most satisfying thing in the world, and you make all of us women proud of your strength and commitment to peace.

-Barbara Hudgins

193) Thank you for your courage.

-Colleen McGlone

194) -Tim Lank

195) Well done Women of South Sudan, You have outwitted your menfolks!! Keep up the GOOD WORKS!!


196) Thank you for your commitment to peace. May God bless you and keep you safe.

-Martha Hunkins

197) -Pamela Alsum

198) -Anne Dietrich

Thank you for the work you do and the dedication!

199) -Lourdes

200) -Jan-Paul Alon

201) -sheyli j

202) Your work in South Sudan is so inspirational for all women around the world! Thank you for helping make peace real and visible in a place of conflict.

-Randi Kawakita

203) -Paul Giannobile

204) -angela fazzari

205) Awesome!

-Chun Ong

206) -Prova

207) Your courage and successes give me hope for the world.

-Kendra Mon

208) You are wise and brave! Thank you for taking a stand for peace.

-Patricia Coon

209) Thank you for your courage and your deep love for the people of your land. You are prophets of peace, messengers of love, and the hands of hope.

-Hilary Krivchenia

210) God bless you for the Christian humanitarian work you are doing.

-Thomas G. Dahl

211) You are the bravest, most beautiful women we are fortunate to know.
You are brave, strong, honest and caring.
I am proud of you I am proud to be a woman and wish that all women could have the right to have as much ability to be what they want, do the work they want to do and be as strong as they are.
I am sue that it is the fear of this possibility that causes man to keep women "IN THEIR PLACE' AND TO BULLY AND HURT THEM.



212) Thank you for the work you are doing to bring peace to your land and your people. Thank you for your courage, and for allowing me to help, even if only through a donation. We are sisters, though living very different lives, and i worry about your safety almost every day. May all blessings be yours. Always,

-Leonie Luterman,Amesbury, MA USA

213) Linking arms with you across the water and thanking God for your work...

-Joan, in Florida

214) -Michael C. Ford and Richard B. Marks

215) -Richard Koda

216) Your work means so much! I thank you, not only as a woman, but as a human. You are making our world a more vibrant, safe, and peaceful place!


217) -Cris

218) Bon Courage! Say not the struggle naught availeth!

-V Evan

219) -Kathe Garbrick

220)-janna piper

221) Thank you for your courageous work!

-Dennis Bricker

222) Thank you for the example you are setting. Women all over the world will learn from you.

-Chartis Tebbetts

223)-Jean Barker

224)-Vonnie iams

225)-Sylvia Duncan

226) With respect and admiration for ALL that you do. We are a better world. Thank you very much.

-Mary Parker

227)-Carolyn Chambers

228) Thank you for all you do.

-Wynn Shafer

229) Thank you of being a pain in the ass of all the leader who tink that leading a country mean war. By fighting for peace, you guys are the pain in ass of all these the mysogine and phollocrat.Happy women's day!!!!


230) War is not the answer. Empower women for Peace! Stop procreating until we have achieved Peace!

-Rosemary Graham-Gardner

231) Thank you so much for being the voice of reason for your people. We need more women to stand for peace.


232) -Peter Molenaar

233) -Linda Sparks

234) ) Keep up this important work. The prayers and best wishes of many people are with you.

-Scott Coahran

235) Non Violence is the only way forward .

Maureen Coyle

-Brad Walrod

236) Thanks The God first and I ask the God to bring peace to our brothers in south sudan, Women in south sudan they did very hard work to bring peace go forward and we will support the hopies .

-Sami Osman Elsmmani

237) You prove that women are the best peacekeepers.

-Sharon Dymowski

238) I thank God for the courage and fortitude shown by these women. You display the presence of Holy Mother Wisdom in the midst of a world gone mad with violence. May you be a sign to the whole world!

-Walt Chura,, S.F.O.

239) I just wanted to thank you for all the great work that you do. Women like you are a blessing to the world. I wish that more people in the world were more like you.

-Brandon Fryman

240) -Afkham Davis

241) My American family in Munich, Germany will try to do all they can to help you bring change to South Sudan in a non-violent and effective manner.

-John Culp

242) Thank you for your beautiful work!


243) -Lorene Moorer

244) -Bill McCarthy

245) Thanks and Blessings on the good work you do.


246) Thanks for hanging in there in very difficult times!

-Sheila ward

247)-Dr. Stephen Oren

249)Thank You!!!

-Joyce Frohn

250) I think you are very brave. The work you do shows other women (and men!) that it is possible to make a better life for one's community.

-Margaret Camp

251) Thank you for your courage and for shining a bright light of peace! We send our love to you.

-Cyndi Merritt

252) Dear Women's Peacekeeping Team,
Thank you for the incredible work you do. You show great courage to be in places of great conflict. Your presence calms the anger and increases the feelings of love and peaceful living in all people - on every side of a conflict.
I pray for protection for you and other Nonviolent Peaceforce workers.

-Maryh Bean

253) Your dedication and courage are a wonder to behold. Thank you for being an inspiration to men, women and children around the world.

-John Morlino

254) You are an inspiration and it is time women around the world stand up and say "No more war. Ever." We must do this ourselves. We hold the key to civilization and community. ur hearts are with you courageous women of Sudan!

-Robyn Wagoner



256) Thank you for your important work to create peace happen!


257) -Geoffrey W Barron

258) We support your work and the work of many other people and groups working for nonviolence in South Sudan. Our organization, Crosscurrents International Institute, actively works to support Dr. Jill Seaman, a medical doctor, working in Old Fangak, South Sudan. We encourage you to make contact with her. She has been living and working in South Sudan for over 20 years.

Thank you for your good work.

-Bill and Marina Shaw

259) Brave Women of South Sudan,

I thank you and honor you for your courage and compassion to step out and speak out against violence and lead the way towards peace. Blessings & Love,

-Betsy Simmons

260) congratulation.you meke a better world


261) The fact that you stand up to organize peace is so encouraging! not only for the people around you but for all the people of good will in this world.
It is such a good thing to show to the children: war is not something we have to accept! I am grateful that you show us an other way.

-els nijland

262) -Tegwin

263) -Devon G.

264) -Laura Kaufman

I'm in awe of your brave and skilled efforts to create peace! I'm grateful that you are willing to make the effort it takes to create a culture of peace.

265) -Bruce Rosove

266) I will be praying for you every day -- for your safety, for your courage, for the wisdom to say the write words when you speak in difficult situations. Blessings in all you do.

-Barbara Leonhard, OSF

267) Thank you so much for your efforts!

-probyn gregory

268) I support the Women's Peacekeeping team in South Soudan.(WPTSD) Several years ago when South Sudan became an independent country there was much hope for the country. Now this hope is threatened by violence an internal conlict. May the work of WPTSD) have much success in assuring the peace and well-being of the country,.

-Gerry Pascal

269) Congratulations Ladies on coming together in peace. My thoughts are with you.

-Judie Carlson

270) Thank you for your great leadership and God's blessings!

-Eunice A

271) I real want to Congaluturated all women's who are working tireless to save life and maintain paece in South Sudan.

-Luis Francis

272) Dear wonderful women
The example you are giving to your children is immeasurable. There is hope that now that in the future life will be different in your world.
I admire you so much and my heart goes out to you.You are an inspiration to all women.
In gratitude and admiration

-Natalia from New Zealand

273) Thank you for standing together and giving others a nonviolent place to work for peace in South Sudan. Most people don't want to be involved with violence!


274) Bless you for all you do for others; your inspirational work matters so much to so many. We are all grateful to you and for you. Thank you.


275) Thank you for your courageous leadership in helping create peace and protect innocent people in your country. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

-David Hartsough, co-founder Nonviolent Peaceforce

276) -Jeffery Franklin

277) -Harold Watson

278) You are so brave and wise! You are an inspiration to me.

-Bernadette Page

Introduced: NP Course at UN

A Joint UNITAR-Nonviolent Peaceforce Online Course

H.E. Ms. Isabelle F. Picco Vice-President of the General Assembly (GA) welcomes the UCP e-learning course with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and  Nobel Peace Prize laureate Leymah Gbowee looking on.The e-learning course on Strengthening Civilian Capacities to Protect Civilians was introduced today at the United Nations High Level Forum on Culture of Peace in New York.  The six module course developed jointly by the UN Institute for Training and Research and Nonviolent Peaceforce, will be available online in early 2015.

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UCP: A New Approach

UCP - What is it about?

UCP Presence on the GroundUnarmed civilian peacekeeping (UCP) refers to the use of unarmed civilians to do ‘peacekeeping’. Peacekeeping is about preventing, reducing and stopping violence.

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