Forum ZFD Civil Peace Services

The forum Civil Peace Services/Ziviler Friedensdienst (ZFD) is an association of various German peace and non-profit organizations and individual members aimed at creating and strengthening instruments and methods for nonviolent conflict resolution. In public-private partnership with the German government it has set up the Civil Peace Service including a specified 4 months training program. Supported by public funding it sends qualified Conflict Consultants into areas of crisis and tension. As a democratic umbrella organization it is in itself non-confessional and non-partisan. Within a strong commitment for international cooperation and peaceful settlement of conflict, the Forum ZFD/CPS is open to different orientations from convinced pacifism to political realism. The Forum ZFD/CPS focuses on three fields:

  1. Practical work for nonviolent conflict transformation
  2. Training program
  3. Lobbying and conceptual work on behalf of Civil Peace Service


Anne Schmidt-Rossiwal
Wesselstrasse 12 53113 Bonn Germany