NOVASC - Nonviolent Action and Strategies for Social Change  

NOVASC's work is done primarily in Zimbabwe and in contact and exchange with Africa and global partners. The main objectives for the organization are as follows:

  • Strengthen organizations that represent people who need changes to happen, so that they have the skills to make those changes happen without violence, for example by negotiations;
  • Build a national network of mediators drawn from many relevant sectors of society;
  • Share experiences and dilemmas of dealing with conflicts, disputes, negotiations, deadlocks, and the use of violence, so as to contribute to a national dialogue towards tolerance and dynamic peace;
  • Contribute to policy formulation and governance practice in relation to social dialogue, negotiations and national process.

John Stewart  
9 Routledge St., Milton Park P.O. Box CY 369 Causeway Harare, Zimbabwe