NP Advances at the United Nations

“You took a soft concept and filled it in with hard evidence,” remarked a participant at the end of a full day training provided by NP at the UN.

Between June 10 and June 17, NP conducted five trainings, consultations and presentations to UN and UN-related organizations in New York. Marking NP and unarmed civilian peacekeeping's (UCP) biggest exposure ever at the UN, the presentations create further opportunities to advance policy and funding for UCP.

The UN’s invitation and sponsorship of the trainings attest to the international recognition unarmed civilian peacekeeping is gaining through NP’s civilian protection efforts in Sri Lanka, the Philippines and Sudan.

Meet the presenters and view our slide shows presented at the UN below.

NP presenters at the UN

Rolf C


After a 34-year career with the UN, Rolf Carriere now is senior advisor for Nonviolent Peaceforce. Rolf served as UNICEF country representative in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Burma, as well as UNICEF liaison officer to the World Bank.


Mel Duncan UN


Mel Duncan is the founding executive director and current advocacy and outreach director of Nonviolent Peaceforce. Based in the United States, Mel has 40 years’ experience organizing and advocating nonviolently for peace, justice, and the environment. His vision for NP was to model an organization on the Gandhian concept of Shanti Sena (Peace Army) using citizens from around the world trained in unarmed civilian peacekeeping. He foresaw partnerships with local groups whereby proven effective strategies would be applied to protect civilians in violent conflict and prevent further outbreaks of violence. 


Ali UN



Ali Ahmed Palh is a lawyer and member of the District Bar in Pakistan who recently completed an advanced degree in international law at the Fletcher School at Tufts University. Prior to Fletcher, he worked in Sri Lanka as an unarmed civilian peacekeeper and later as coordinator for NP’s Human Rights Defenders project.


Robert R. UN



Robert Rivers is an international training consultant and specialist in unarmed civilian peacekeeping. Over the last decade, he has prepared over 1,500 people in eight different conflict zones to work sensitively and sustainably in and on conflict. In April and May, he trained a Nonviolent Peaceforce team in Southern Sudan. He has an M.A. in peace and conflict studies from the European University Centre for Peace Studies. 



Fatima UN



Born in South Africa, Fatima Swartz has worked in a variety of interracial and cross-cultural environments on issues of conflict transformation, organizational development, identity and diversity, mediation and social healing. She has coordinated and managed peacebuilding programs in South Africa and abroad. In addition to training Nonviolent Peaceforce peacekeepers, Fatima helped develop the NP project in south Sudan.

Date Published: 
Tuesday, July 5, 2011