• Charles Radcliffe, Vice-Persident, International Crisis Group, Belgium *
  • Coalition for Global Solidarity and Social Development, Kai Frithjof Brand Jacobsen
  • Colin Archer, International Peace Bureau, Geneva
  • David Adams, Retired Director, UN International Year for the Culture of Peace
  • Franciscan Friars, Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation International Council
  • General Administration of the Marist Sisters
  • Hague Appeal for Peace
  • Hans Sinn, Co-Founder, Peace Brigades International *
  • Howard Wilson, Curative/Preventive Development Specialist, UN Volunteers *
  • ICL/Praxis for Peace, Kai Frithjof Brand-Jacobsen, Director and Satyagrahi
  • International Fellowship of Reconcilliation
  • Jane Higgins, International Youth Parliament 2000 *
  • Mennonite Central Committee International
  • Michael Beer, Nonviolence International
  • Muslim Peace Fellowship
  • Peter Ruhe, Founder-Chairperson, GandhiServe Foundation
  • Rosalie Bertell, President International Institute of Concern for Public Health *
  • SHALOM, School Sisters of Notre Dame, International Network for Justice, Integrity of Creation, Rome and M. Margrit Hopfler, Representative of the European Branch of SHALOM
  • Tim Wallis, formerly of Brigades International *
  • United Nations of Youth, Maria Kooijman Director
  • World Movement for Nonviolence, New York (Bawa Jain)

* Organization is listed for reference purposes only.

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