Atif Hameed

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Atif Hameed (Pakistan) assessed, prepared and launched the 2nd Nonviolent Peaceforce international unarmed civilian peacekeeping project in 2007, in Mindanao, Philippines, and served as NP Country Director there until 2012. Previously, Atif served for 26 months as a Nonviolent Peaceforce peacekeeper in Sri Lanka’s war-torn eastern villages. Atif has been working with Nonviolent Peaceforce since March 2004.

He is a founding board member of Civil Society Network, Center for Research, Communications and Dialogue (CRCD) in Pakistan where he worked for many years directly in the field. Atif worked with various I/NGOs for last 13 years and participated in many local, regional and international workshops, seminars, conferences and policy forums as a participant, resource person and trainer.

His professional experience is in the fields of conflict prevention/transfromation, Human rights and Nonviolence. 

He has two Master of Arts degrees, in Political Science and Peace & Conflict Transformation and he wrote series of research papers and articles. You can email him at ahameed at nonviolentpeaceforce dot org.



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