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#RethinkSecurityUCP is for unarmed protection tips and trainings, imagining community-led safety and security, and for amplifying existing unarmed approaches. Unarmed civilian protection in the US is led by Nonviolent Peaceforce, Meta Peace Team, and DC Peace Team... and we are coming together for  #RethinkSecurityUCP to uplift and support civilians in the call for racial justice and in the movement against police brutality and state-sanctioned violence.

Unarmed, civlian-led approaches to security aren't new. The questioning of militarized security isn't new. But now, around the world, more people than ever are rethinking: what really makes us safe?

True safety and security requires a lot of people working together. Unarmed civilian protection (UCP) is an important piece of the puzzle.

Are you or your group interested in trainings?

Please contact [email protected] if you or your group is interested in in-person or webinar trainings. Our experts have a wide range of nonviolent protection strategies in their wheelhouse that they can offer.

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Unarmed Civilian Protection is one piece of the puzzle. See more of the conversation at the links below.

Enough is Enough


One of the many resources on defunding and abolishing police departments around the US. This report is from MPD 150: Enough is Enough! That is both the conclusion and the title of this report, a 150-year performance review of the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD). The report is the product of an investigation into the conduct of the department over the fifteen decades since its founding in 1867. It includes a survey of its current role and impact, especially on marginalized communities, and an exploration of viable alternatives to the policing model. 

Educate Yourself


A compilation of anti-racism educational resources that has gone viral in early June 2020.




Uprising MN
Uprising Minnesota is a platform with the simple goal of curating information on how to directly support and uplift the work of Black-led community organizations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area.

This platform was built from a partnership between Black Visions CollectiveFree Black DirtMillion Artist MovementMinnesota Youth CollectiveReclaim The Block, and Women for Political Change — meaning that all the information on here is coming directly from these organizations.

Police and Gender

Goodman, Montgomery, Finney, Arneson, Brunzell, Miller: Women police leaders speak out about police reform and gender.
Alternative Community Security
Examples of existing and potential initiatives toward comprehensive, systemic transformation of community protection.
Racism in aid
Reading list on anti-racism specifically for aid workers, put together by the Fifty Shades of Aid community.