On August 26, 2020, Jay Sand from the Direct Democratic Convention spoke with Marna Anderson, Director of US Office/Development, and Amy Hansen, Donor Relations Officer.

What was the Direct Democratic Convention?

The Direct Democratic Convention, August 17-27, 2020, was a loose but lively collection of inspiring, hope-generating workshops, skill-shares, brainstorms, prescient proposals, opportunities to organize and options to explore.

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EVENT DESCRIPTION: A discussion with Nonviolent Peaceforce, an international "global civilian protection agency" that works with local communities around the world to build peace, using nonviolence to provide and enhance protection for civilians in violent conflicts in a way that maintains dignity. How does nonviolence protect citizens who are enduring violent situations? How does the introduction of nonviolence on a community-wide level change the character of a conflict?
You can protect civilians who are living in or fleeing violent conflict. Your contribution will transform the world's response to conflict.