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Episode_6 Cafe #6: Racism in Humanitarian Work | July 30, 2020  

Tiffany Easthom (NP Executive Director) to host discussion with Fatuma Ibrahim (Transition International & NP Board Member) and Kalim Ul Masih (Head of NP Iraq) on decolonizing humanitarian work and confronting systemic racism in the sector. 
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Episode_5 Cafe #5: The Dissent Channel | May 28, 2020

Tiffany Easthom (NP Executive Director) to interview The Dissent Channel author, Elizabeth Shackelford on her experience as a U.S. diplomat in war-torn South Sudan and the lessons she learned about the failings of U.S. foreign policy.  
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Episode 4Cafe #4: Called to Action | April 16, 2020

What actions can you take now to work towards sustainable peace? Hear from Gareth Sweeney (Crisis Action), Gay Rosenblum-Kumar (NP UN Representative), and Mel Duncan (NP Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy and Outreach).
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Episode 3Cafe #3: The Next Gen & The Potential for Peace | April 9, 2020

How does this era have the potential to be a time for peace? Sharing knowledge and experiences in small groups, led by facilitators from the next generation of peacebuilders.


Episode 2Cafe #2: Responding to COVID-19 in the Field | April 2, 2020 

How are our teams in the field adapting to the changes brought by COVID-19? Hear from Tiffany Eastom (NP Executive Director), Thiago Wolfer (NP Interim Head of Mission in South Sudan), and Rosemary Kabaki (NP Head of Mission in Myanmar).


Episode 1Cafe #1: Reframing the Covid Crisis from War to Reawakening | March 26, 2020 

How are we framing the COVID-19 crisis from war to a reawakening? Hear from Ken Butigan (Pace e Bene), Mel Duncan (NP Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy and Outreach), and Tiffany Easthom (NP Executive Director).
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