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Episode_9 Cafe #9: The Third Harmony | November 12, 2020 10 - 11am CT REGISTER SOON!

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 Episode_MidlandMidland Chapter Cafe: NP Past, Present, Future | October 23, 2020 10 - 11am CT REGISTER NOW!

Hear how Nonviolent Peaceforce's expertise in South Sudan can be used to defend democracy here and learn what actions you can take. With the recent kidnapping attempt of the governor in Michigan, using nonviolent methods to stop violence is particularly relevant now. Speaker bios listed here.

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 Episode_8Cafe #8: What is Safety in My Community? | October 22, 2020 

How I could use nonviolence to provide safety in my community? Sharing knowledge, experiences, and goals on nonviolent community safety in small groups. 
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Episode_7 Cafe #7: Update on NP Work in the US | October 1, 2020 

Join Tiffany Easthom (NP Executive Director) as moderator for this dialogue with the US assessment team on alternative, nonviolent security in our schools and in our streets.
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Episode_6 Cafe #6: Racism in Humanitarian Work | July 30, 2020  

Tiffany Easthom (NP Executive Director) to host discussion with Fatuma Ibrahim (Transition International & NP Board Member) and Kalim Ul Masih (Head of NP Iraq) on decolonizing humanitarian work and confronting systemic racism in the sector. 
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Episode_5 Cafe #5: The Dissent Channel | May 28, 2020

Tiffany Easthom (NP Executive Director) to interview The Dissent Channel author, Elizabeth Shackelford on her experience as a U.S. diplomat in war-torn South Sudan and the lessons she learned about the failings of U.S. foreign policy.  
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Episode 4Cafe #4: Called to Action | April 16, 2020

What actions can you take now to work towards sustainable peace? Hear from Gareth Sweeney (Crisis Action), Gay Rosenblum-Kumar (NP UN Representative), and Mel Duncan (NP Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy and Outreach).
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Episode 3Cafe #3: The Next Gen & The Potential for Peace | April 9, 2020

How does this era have the potential to be a time for peace? Sharing knowledge and experiences in small groups, led by facilitators from the next generation of peacebuilders.


Episode 2Cafe #2: Responding to COVID-19 in the Field | April 2, 2020 

How are our teams in the field adapting to the changes brought by COVID-19? Hear from Tiffany Eastom (NP Executive Director), Thiago Wolfer (NP Interim Head of Mission in South Sudan), and Rosemary Kabaki (NP Head of Mission in Myanmar).


Episode 1Cafe #1: Reframing the Covid Crisis from War to Reawakening | March 26, 2020 

How are we framing the COVID-19 crisis from war to a reawakening? Hear from Ken Butigan (Pace e Bene), Mel Duncan (NP Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy and Outreach), and Tiffany Easthom (NP Executive Director).
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