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Volunteer with Nonviolent Peaceforce in Minnesota!


Following the call of activist and organizers to reimagine community safety, we are beginning to apply what we have learned in protection work in the Global South, to the context of the United States. Grounded in the strengths and needs of local community partners, NP is building relationships with community members, leaders, and organizations in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area to identify gaps and approach safety and security from a holistic perspective. Our work is informed by understanding what communities need to feel safe and secure—to feel affirmed and a sense of belonging— which includes and goes beyond physical safety. 

We are seeking to equip communities with actionable skills to be better prepared to respond to potential violence in their neighborhoods and demonstrate care for their neighbors & community members. Together, we can reduce and prevent direct and immediate threats to the safety and security of BIPOC communities and people involved in demonstrations. 

Community Safety TeamCommunity Safety Team


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Volunteers can commit to a 4-month cohort to the following opportunities:

1. Capacity Builders

To assist with non-program related tasks. Volunteers assist with creative development, fundraising and or help with office-related tasks for NP staff. Capacity Builders experience with research, creative development, writing for publications or other office-related tasks. Capacity Builders are tasked and supervised by Office staff across projects and managed by Volunteer Coordinator.  

2. Program Builders

To assist with program tasks such as; research, writing letters to media outlets and building relationships through outreach. Program Builders comfortable with verbal communications, strong relationship building skills and has a strong commitment to community and community building Program Builders are tasked and supervised by Program staff across projects and managed by Volunteer Coordinator.  

3. NP-Community Safety Team Members (NP-CS)

A. Protest Team: This team's primary duty is on-the-ground protection, non-partisan violence prevention and protective action for unarmed civilians during public, civil resistance events. They will be expected to protect any unarmed person under direct threat regardless of affiliation. NP-CS Teams support functions of the coordination center as it relates to community-based protection issues such as rallies, protests, marches, demonstrations, etc. 

B. Remote Coordination Team: Remote Coordination team informs the NP-CS Protest Team whether to stay on-the-ground or leave. This team’s primary duty is aiding on-the-ground protective actions through digital communications. Monitors will manage reporting systems during NP-CS Teams activities in the Coordination Center. The Remote Coordination team’s focuses are rumor control, ceasefire monitoring, and implementing the teams’ Early Warning Early Response. 

Ideal Candidates for Protest & Remote Teams: 

Engaged community members looking to act towards community safety and security that upholds the human dignity of others. 

Community Safety Team activities are high stress, high intensity situations.  

The ideal team member has experience being on the ground during protests, the ability to ground and center themselves during high stress situations, and can act both individually and as part of a team.  

This remote role requires proficiency and comfort with technology, as well as switching between outlets, managing multiple streams of communication simultaneously and quick effective analysis and communication.


Community Safety TeamCommunity Safety Team


Understand the risks! 

There will be a range of scenarios from permitted actions to autonomous protests that will have different levels of risk. It’s important that you know what your thresholds are when it comes to high stress situations.


Volunteer Candidate requirements

If you do not fit the below criteria your application will not be considered.

  • Candidates must be residents of the state of Minnesota and/or enrolled members of First Nations. 
  • Candidates must be 21+   
  • Must be able to commit 15 hours between June 1st – September 30th 


Expectations of Volunteers 

  1. Participate in all relevant orientation, briefing and training programs. 
  2. Understand and comply with the organizations policy and procedures. 
  3. While in your role practice our core principle of nonviolence and nonpartisanship when providing protection and support with Nonviolent Peaceforce. 
  4. Be open and honest with your team and staff about your safety needs, and how we can improve our volunteer program and the support that you receive. 

 Application Process

Step 1: Apply by May 17!  

A link to the application can be found on our website, if you meet the candidate requirements you will be invited through a screening and vetting process.  

Step 2: Vetting & Screening  

Qualifying applicants will receive an email to sign up for a screening and complete the Volunteer self-assessment. Screenings are an opportunity for us to learn more about you and your needs as a volunteer. We will discuss your self-assessment, application and confirm commitment. Each screening should take about 20 minutes.  

Step 3: Invitation to training  

Screened and vetted applications will receive an invitation to training.  

Step 4: Training  

You will be required to complete 2-3 training modules depending on their prospective program. The three training modules are:  

  1. Self-study - on Nonviolent Peaceforce principles, and strategies of unarmed Civilian Protection 
  2. Virtual - on practicing ideas, legal rights and roles 
  3. On-the-ground – on tactical safety, positions, roles and relationship building skills for Community Safety Teams.  

Step 5: Program and Team Placements  

Volunteers will have the opportunity to make final request on program and teams' placements and be placed respectfully by program staff the volunteer coordinator.  

Step 6: Orientation  

During orientation volunteers will meet with their program and team, review and sign important documents such as; NP Code of Conduct, volunteer contracts, waivers.  

Step 7: Activation  

You will be provided with opportunities to activate as a volunteer depending on your program and capacity. 

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Important Tentative Dates

Screenings & Vetting (April 22- May 18) 

Applications Close (May 17) 

Screening Close (May 18) 

Training: Self-guided Study (Between May 1 & May 22) 

Training: Digital Zoom (May 20) 

Training: In-person (May 22) 

Team Placement (May 28)  

Orientation & Welcome (June 1)